Tuesday, 3 May 2011

208th issue: Media in Finland

In Finland media is taken pretty seriously. Everything media brings out, people usually believe. This is mostly because we - Finnish people - are loyal. We only talk when we have something to say etc etc, all the cliche's.

And in Finland media is using this as their strength. Someone working for media can easy come up with some rumor and usually people believe it straight away. Or someone brings up one thing, but actually it's just one scale of the issue.

I think media has responsibility. And I think often media is avoiding this responsibility, just because of capitalism. They first think where they get the money, and then what will all this rubbish cause. Anyway we don't have that wide scale of different news papers in Finland, so I think especially bigger newspapers should be super responsibility and always think abou tthe causes as well.

Sure I am now playing to my own sack: I found casting a slur on Teuvo Hakkarainen (or any of True Finns politicians) is ok, but when I saw a map made about True Finns and it saying True Finns being more to left, I got angry.

Ok, there is communism, and then there is communism. There is North-Korea which is following communism and then there are countries which are using communism as a part of their leading, but not as hardcore as China (was), Cuba or NK is. Sure communism includes a strong nationalism, but I think the Left party and True Finns don't have anything to do with each other. In a way other one is using the Old Testament and the other one some kind of Postmodern Testament. I just used Testaments as example, nothing to do with religions really. 

I remember a pharse, which many hey-I-try-to-sound-clever-person would use: "yeah, communism is a good ideology, but it doesn't work." I think it works, it just doesn't have to be taken so hardcore. Smoothly you know... Smooooooooooth.

But why I started to write about this, is because now because of Helsinki daily-map of politics, many people think straight away that True Finns and the Left party has something to do with each other. 

More about being Left sided here
See the map here (only in Finnish)

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