Tuesday, 3 May 2011

205th issue: salaries of the new politicians

After I heard news saying that new goverment renewal will delay I started to think one thing: as I am - as a citizen - paying politicians salaries, and as dudes like Hakkarainen are talking rubbish to cameras, how much money I am giving for nothing?

One politicians salary is 6 335€/ a month.

In Finland, avrelage salary of normal worker (meaning educated in some way) is 3000€. I have never earned that amount in one month.

Senior engineer : 4 805€/month
Detective chief inspector: 4 741€/month (state) (though this is based in experience, the basic salary is 2486,42€/a month based in poliisi.fi)
Teacher (chemistry, mathematic, physics) 3 804€/month (commune)
Journalist 3 075€/month (private)
Chef 2 040€/month (private)
Cleaner 1 631€/month (real estate company)
(cleaner for church gets 1 907€/month)

I collected here some jobs, that people really have to work very hard, ok, engineers just seem to need mostly brain, but like imagining workig as detective: this job is very 1. dangerous, 2. you need to be super reliable, 3. working hours are mad, 4. you have to be brave, (5. you have to do everything based on law...) and only 4 741€/a month. Then there's Teuvo Hakkarainen, who says racist words for cameras and is a very bad example for other generations. And he earns 6 335€!

Also that cleaners get so low salary, when they are 1. keeping places clean, 2. breathing all the time poisonous products, 3. working as a cleaner is very physical, 5. not much people respect their hard work. And still there are (again) Hakkarainen, whose mouth should be washed. 

I think there are a few pig holes there!

Salaries from here

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