Tuesday, 3 May 2011

202nd issue: Surprising a Finn

It seems like we Finnish people are always so serious. But as I have written, we are not serious, we are just sensitive and unsure.

I was just in the market. It was my turn to pay and there was the cashier - a 20 year-old, syish girl. As a cashier, she is used to say "Hello, 27€, do you have bonus card?"  That's her role, she's a human machine.  And that's how she faces everyone. Or maybe she asks someone for ID, if that one is looking young and buying age limited stuff.

So it was my turn at the market, I bough an apple and a package of tea. When it was my turn she sneezed, then she looked at me and I said "bless you!" She started to smile and I saw she really got surprised as well, because I didin't go through this social situation with her normally. Then I paid and she was just smiling and said "Thank you!"

That made me so much happier, than surviving through this situatin by "Hello, 3.10€, do you have the bonus card?"

And I don't have bonus card, so I was happy I didn't have to say "no", she wasn't a cashier for me, I noticed her personally...

These kind of situations are very memoriable especially when it happens in Finland. People don't usually notice you personally, so this is one way how you can brake the ice with us!

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