Tuesday, 3 May 2011

201st issue: Hitchhiking

Everytime I open Travel Channel which program is coming? Luxury Travel With Ravisomething. Always!

He visits nice hotels and always has his own guides and stuff like that. Some of the hotels are really nice, but what I just can't understand is to get your own guide. It's totally nonsense from my point of view, because I don't know anything much more fun than getting totally lost and ending up in nice places like this.

Guides drive you around and tell everything straight from a tape. Boooooriiiing!

When I was in New Zealand would I hitchhike. Often with a friend, but a few times alone. Once we were hitchhiking and a man picked us and blessed his whole day for us showing Nelson and almost all the way to Golden Bay to us! Also he told personal stories and his memories at the same time, when places got also realistic soul. Nothing like: "Secret warriors came here and killed everyone!" He would tell "when I was at your age, would I come here with my friends camping..." And now for example the area is ruined by people..

Ok, I don't recommend hitchhiking in Finland, except when there's a music festival somewhere. This time there are lot's of people driving where the music festivals are (usually Turku, Seinäjoki and Joensuu), so hitchhiking this time is  pretty safe. Otherwise I don't truly recommend it, because we have so many people who are insane, but outpatient. Especially during the summers mental hospitals leave free people who are not "that" insane, but really they are, but this way they save costst.

So if you want to get off from Helsinki for a weekend, check out when the music festivals are and if they get along with your schedule! I don't promise people will guide you, but usually people do stop on the way for swimming in the lake and so on, so this way you'll see that Finland which we are famous for...

http://www.provinssirock.fi/ (Seinäjoki)
http://www.ruisrock.fi/ (Turku)
http://www.ilosaarirock.fi/2011/ (Joensuu)

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