Monday, 2 May 2011

196th issue: Romanians

Last year Finland took and sent most of the Romanian "bottle collectors" and beggars back to their homeland. Some of the people were saying they should stay in Finland, but as there started to be more robbing around, many though they should leave. Especially Romanians were settled down in Helsinki, in Kalasatama area whih is also known for punks and homeless people. It's actually very interesting area and I should write about it later on..

I don't know how many percent of the robbery was made because of Romanians. And as I have traveled around the world and seeing this begging culture, was I very used to them. Especially in Turkey there are lot's of gypsies begging for money everywhere and my grandma has always teached us to care about them. Almost daily she gives money to beggars.

But most of the Romanians were sent back to Romania. And yesterday I noticed that they are truly missing, when there were lot's of bottles aeverywhere. As I have wrote, you get money for recycling bottles. This includes around 20sent per bottle and 15 sent for cans.

But now the streets were dirty and fillrd with can and bottles. No one realized before, that Romanians actually helped us: they kept the streets clean. Not everyone was robbing people. They did the job none of us wouldnt dare!

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