Monday, 2 May 2011

195th issue: Overdose of rasicm

Everybody knew it's not a good sign that True Finns got so many votes..

And today (2.5.2011) Helsinki daily wrote there's a Nazi party trying to get organized. For this they need 5,000 supporters, and if 550 000 people voted for True Finns, I think they'll get this amount in no time...

Why I think this nazi party would manage? Because lately the suporters of True Finns got angry to Timo Soini, for telling the politicians of True Finns to start thinking what they say in public. This happened especially after Teuvo Hakkarainen said bad things about african origin people and muslims.

Supporters of Ture Finns said that Timo Soini is "traitor". As Timo Soini turned up as being "traitor" I think True Finns supporters will get even more aggressive about the ideology of True Finns and will make it hardcore by starting support this nazi party. The result...I don't even want to think about it....

Before Finnish people were afraid Russia and that it would attack Finland. Now Finland is turning against itself. And I think this wont end up nice...


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