Friday, 1 April 2011

99th issue: Finnish bikes

There are about three types of bikes I would recommend you to consider if you think about buying a Finnish bike. Wouldn't it be great to have a Finnish bike? Everybody would be so jealous!

Fixi bikes: Le Prince

I didn't even know Le Prince before I asked for some fixi bike makers from Finland from my friend. I could have one of these! What a beauty!

(pic from here)

More info HERE

60s Jopo (By Tunturi)

Jopo is a classic. If someone leaves an unlocked Jopo, it wont stay there for a long. Every summer I hear people crying how their Jopo got stolen. Jopo is a good city bike, because it's pretty small and simple. I have never had a Jopo :(

(pic from here)
Price is very flexible, from 10€ to 150€ (pic from here)
New Jopo
Price around 315€ (pic from here)

Finnish Army Bike

You will be able to see these now in the streets, because they sold a big bunch of these a couple of years ago ridiculously cheap. All the bikes have their own serial numbers. 

2nd hand price: around 65€

(pic from here)

Grandma bike - mummopyörä (Haukka, Tunturi etc.)

These are also in the category of stolen bikes. People just want these bikes, because they are so comfortable. My mother had one, but some dick head stole it :( These bikes are usually around 50 years old and have strong emotional value.

Price: cheapest 20 € - pay 100 € max!

(pic from here)

Price: both sides of 500€

(pic from here)

(pic from here)

Where to get bicycles?

In Töölö, just next to the Olympic stadium there's Bike Company.

Ruusulankatu 21

How to get?
Tram number 3T, 4, 7A, 10

Note: you can go there and continue to Kallio with 3T, because...
in Kallio there are many bicycle shops: in Helsinginkatu there are a few, and then there's Kumiluoti which is specialized on fixies.  


Also flea market in Vallila is good.


Sat-Sun 9am to 3pm.

Cheapest you can get bicycles from the countryside, take a train to e.g. Hyvinkää (around 1 hr from Helsinki) 

On the Internet?
You can buy bicycles from

Also Police stations have bicycle sale, where they sell bikes that have been found, or stolen etc.

Around spring, check more information from

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