Saturday, 30 April 2011

193rd issue: I SCREAM ICE CREAM!

When I was living in New Zealand in 2007, I had my birthday there too. Mike, who was the manager of the house I lived, asked me what should he buy, and I said "ice cream - licorice ice cream". Mike looked at me and said "I don't think there's licorice ice cream", I said "yes there is, in Finland there is and it's my absolute favorite!"

Jättis lemon-licorice (pic from here)
Mike came back and said "I asked and they didn't have it, and there is no licorice ice cream in New Zealand"
Ingmna licorice cone(pic from here)
Boo! At least he bring vanilla ice cream and licorice as candies.

In Finland you can get a wide range of different licorice ice creams: chocolate-licorice, lemon-licorice, licorice-vanilla, raspberry-licorice, fruit-licorice.

Some of the ie cream have more licorice in them, like Rainbow licorice ice cream has the thickest licorice bits in it. My favorite is probably......ALL of the ice creams with licorice! I absolutely love it. Nam!
Probably the cheapest (pic from here)

Pingviini fruit-licorice (pic from here)
Kingis raspberry-licorice (pic from here)

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