Wednesday, 27 April 2011

185th issue: Winter vs. Summer = "I have got fat"

Hey, c'mon, of course you get fat if you sit in the sofa every evening eating a big bar of chocolate, if you eat only bread and full fat cheese, if you don't move, if your portions are that big that your tummy starts hurting after eating. Also if you eat kebab or pizza after a night out every time. Especially if you do like this at 4am.

Then summer comes and all the magazines like Cosmopolitan, MeNaiset, Olivia..etc.. write "HOW TO GET IN SUMMER CONDITION 2011!"

HEH! at this point you have got 10 extra kilos during the winter, do you reall think you get skinny in 1 month? Not even if you wouldn't eat anything. You have that 10 extra kilos now, what can you do? Learn. Next year try to a little have a look on what you eat. When you have this crazy hunger, dont eat first a bag of candies and then lasagne. Eat a salad with a little bit of cheese and nuts to get proteine. Instead of  eating meat, try to replace sometimes it with tofu.

Also move: walk stairs, go for a walk everytime you feel tired, walk everywhere instead of public transportation...

And think next time when you are buying that Ben and Jerrys, are you going to complain next year and gettig depressed because of your weight... Same is about eating cheeze every day: it's salty and very fattening.

Why I wrote about this? because 2 weeks ago so many of my friends wrote on facebook "Shit, I have got fat, now I'm going to start running to get in a bikini shape"

Before I weight 58 kilos, now I weight 53kg. I still eat candies and chocolate, but only once a week. I have noticed candies make me angry, I get some sort of hangovers from them as well. So is it nice: your ass is getting wider and your mind is getting mixed?

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