Tuesday, 26 April 2011

181st issue: Helsinki wildlife: seals

Sometimes especially baby seals jump up from the sea surrounding Helsinki. Last time this happened end of March 2011, when a baby seal came to greet people in Lauttasaari.

To see seals in Helsinki is pretty rare, because the sea is basically so dirty, as you know, the Baltic sea is not in very good condition... Also this last found baby seal was slightly in a bad condition and it was taken to Korkeasaari animal zoo to fed. Hopefully everything has gone well with this lovely piece of nature!

One bad thing for baby seals  - and adult seals - are the fishnets. I think this problem is global, but I still thoug us Finnish people love the nature. No, no, we are selfish. It's all about us, who cares about seals, when our oversized bellies are hungry?

Chillign at the sun (pic from here)

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