Tuesday, 26 April 2011

180th issue: If you are feeling sinister in Helsinki

There's one place you'll end up certanly in an argument with someone:


Hämeentie (Hämeen road) has been a big questionmark between cyclists and people who don't drive bikes. The walkaway is about 4m wide and as a street Hämeentie is one of the busiest, because busses to Vantaa and Northern Helsinki drive that (+ all the cars and taxis).

There's a bicycle road at Sörnäisten rantatie, but it just makes the way much longer for cyclists plus it's always so windy that it's not very pleasurable to drive through it. The other way is for cyclists to battle against busses in Hämeentie, but those bus drivers are insane, they don't care about the cyclists. Often someone who is brave enough to try to battle against the busses gets hit by bus.

So, Hämeentie has walkaway both sides, other is that 4m wide and other is around 2.5m. Also often cars have parked on walkaways, but no cyclists allowed...

But there are people who use it for cycling, and I totally keep their side. I don't use it anymore, because theres ALWAYS some fucking "important" person yelling after you "DON'T CYCLE HERE!"

Before I would stop and go to those people and tell them to tell that to my face when they always started peeing under their pants, because these people love to yell after you, but if they have to face you, they can't find any words...

So if you are feeling sinister, go up and see....Hämeentie with a bicycle!

Here's a map from the worst part of Hämeentie. And guess twice who lives middle of it?

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