Monday, 25 April 2011

178th issue: Vegan+Helsinki=?

Finland is getting there.. We are getting more and more vegan restaurants or at least restaurants have got wider selection of different vegan foods. Still we are missing those awesome cafe's like they had in New Zealand, which are famous for using organic products and have wide selection of vegan goods. One of my favourites was called Midnight Espresso, 178 Cuba Street, Wellington. It was cheap and everything was soo fine there: from the atmosphere to the vegan cakes which were the best I have ever tasted!

More reviews about Midnight Espresso here

But we are totally missing that kind of place in Helsinki. Still we do have some restaurants that are suitable for vegan/vegetarian:


New bamboo center: suitable for both (but it's also for meat eaters), vegetarian/vegan (Annankatu, Kamppi)

Zucchini: vegetarian, but they probably have something vegan too. I haven't tried this place because it's serving only lunch time (Fabianinkatu 4)


Vegemesta : vegetarian, vegan available(Vaasankatu 6)

Silvoplee: vegetarian and vegan (Toinen linja  3)

Bistro Artesana : vegan and mostly organic (Kulmavuorenkatu 2)


Jadgar : Ethiopian restaurant, also available for vegetarians, maybe even vegans. (Kauppakartanonkatu 10, Itäksekus)


All the sushi restaurants have selections for vegetarians. If you are vegan, make sure they haven't used fish sauce in their soy mixture.

There are also healthy smoothies available in Ruohonjuuri eco shop, they are pretty expensive, but if you just got your salary....

Indian restaurants use usually ghee, cream and cheese in their food, so here Indian restaurants are not that vegan friendly.

Chinese restaurants have potential for vegan dishes, just make the waitress clear that you are a vegan. They do use often fish/oyster sauce in their dishes...


But as you see, we don't havethat many fully vegan restaurant. And in normal cafe's it's almost impossible to find a vegan sandwich as they put cheese on everything. If you ask for vegan sandwich, you'll get lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

We are missing Midnight Espresso type cafe, where you can have delicious coffees, vegan cake and sandwiches (though they have meat on their list too, but at least it's organic!)

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