Monday, 25 April 2011

177th issue: Strömsö

Strömsö is a Swedish speaking Finns tv-program. It's one of these kind of programs, which has reached famous also between so called "fully" Finnish people.

What's the idea of Strömsö? Well, Strömsö is a house in beautiful surrounding, meaning a wooden house, which is surrounded by trees, it has beautiful garden and the lightning is always just beautiful in the house. Also during the show the presenters of Strömsö do different handicraft, one makes a shoe shelf from French wine boxes, one does something else from recycled material, or by mixing something new and old and the result is always somehing that makes you say "Wooooow, that is amaaaazinggg!!"

Also there are these chefs, one of the chefs is like this golden boy, who every mother in law would love and other guy is this slightly "bad boy", but still he is so fashionable - and amazingly beautiful. And when they cook, all the ingridients are just so beautifully perfect.

Also the music is selected to boost the atmosphere: it's ambient and triphop and nujazz, to give the viewer that light and airy feeling.

So, there's one thing sure: everything is perfect in Strömsö. It's like heaven, or it's actually better place than heaven.

Actually Strömsö has become as concept. One Facebook group started which was called "it didn't go like in Strömsö", where people were posting pictures of failed things, like cinnamonrolls that didn't rise. Also the next step was that soon many people started to use this line to to describe things that didn't end up so well, by saying "whoops, now it didn't go like in Strömsö."

Nothing goes wrong in Strömsö.

If I die, I hopefully go to Strömsö.

Here's more info about Strömsö island

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