Monday, 25 April 2011

176th issue: Are Finns religious?

We grow up singing religious songs about how no bird cries in God's hand. Also we celebrate Christmas with a full heart, but more likely to finally be the time family has time to spend together.

When thinking about Easter holiday, it sure is based in religion. For me these religious holidays are excellent: if I'm working these days means double salary. If I am not working these days mean just holiday. But I was raised atheist, so I am just surfing the waves of religious people.

And to be honest, most of Finns think the same. People don't celebrate Jesus' birth, death or resurrection that much, people celebrate double salary and holidays. Holidays mean drinking, and especially if it's holiday like Easter, when the weather is also getting warmer, people prefer drinking and hanging outside with friends.

Some of us started drinking on thursday, and ended it on monday. Did Jesus mean this?

No, but we - Finns - have just survived through winter again. We survived the darkness, we survived the cold, we survived the slippery streets. Should we feel like sitting at home, or going to church and think about Jesus, when we have just battled against going insane or making a suicide?

Why does Easter holiday have to be religious holiday? Why don't we have holidays just for surviving the winter?

Sorry Jesus, you had bad timing on your resurrection, not that many people celebrate you, we celebrate ourselves.

But thank you Jesus, it's over - I mean Easter. I couldn't drink anymore, my liver is singing Paranoid.

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