Thursday, 21 April 2011

172nd issue: Who are the new True Finns: Jussi Halla-Aho

First I have to tell that "aho" means "stupid" in Japanese.

Now you now where I'm taking this issue.. Yes, I'm going to tell what Finland talks about - again. Jussi Halla-Aho got lot's of votes and he is going to be a face seen in the parliament.

I want to tell what he wrote in his blog 20th of December, 2006:

(free transfer by me, but you'll get the point)

"Rapes will increase anyway. Therefore more and more women will be raped in the future, I really hope that the people who choose their victim for rape just randomly, should choose the ones who are green-left world savers and their voters. Rather them, than anyone else. Nothing else works for them than really experiencing the multicultural side"


"Raiskaukset tulevat joka tapauksessa lisääntymään. Koska näin ollen yhä useampi nainen tulee joka tapauksessa raiskatuksi, toivon hartaasti, että uhrinsa sattumanvaraisesti valitsevien saalistajien kynsiin jäisivät oikeat naisihmiset. Vihervasemmistolaiset maailmanparantajat ja heidän äänestäjänsä. Mieluummin he kuin joku muu. Heihin ei tehoa mikään muu kuin se, että monikulttuuri osuu omaan nilkkaan."

Hi, my name is Esin. I come from multicultural background - my other parent is Finnish and other Turkish. I speak both of the languages and I look like mixed race.  Instead of getting racist comments, I have got lot's of positive things said about my background. Some people say how I see things differently and thinking it must be because I have learnt also how to manage in Turkey - which has totally opposite culture than Finland.

So, I propose: I'm personally going to go and rape Mr. Halla-aho. Because I'm multicultural person and I rape people.

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