Wednesday, 20 April 2011

170th issue: True Finns vol 2

Ahh, my favorite topic. I just couldn't avoid spotting the news about Vuosaari: a gang of boys beat up a bus driver! (Vuosaari is in East-Helsinki)

054AVuosaari A8732547426530579854591681473188103 20867,0
054BVuosaari B9945252027630369705382081461179003 58567,1
054CVuosaari C9254638017926752763181140245137012 58576,1
054DVuosaari D12575537712730951913134110322173102 76679,7
054EVuosaari E121738571194349661764171272426133003 51976,5
054FVuosaari F13554662523930489111474141025311713013 68870,6
(red marks are the votes for True Finns)

Again I'm saying that I'm not surprised why in something happens in place where True Finns got lot's of votes... What does this tell about the people living there?

Farm animals are taking over Finland. It's a jungle sometimes..

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