Tuesday, 19 April 2011

164th issue: 24h markets?

I remember in New Zealand they had 24hrs open food markets. Like real markets, not gas stations. Also in Japan they have 24hrs open markets plus all those convenient shops.

In Finland we have had a few markets that have tried to stay open for 24hrs, but without a success. And when I returned back to Finland and was used to go shopping food in the middle of the night, couldn't I continue this habit anymore. Sleepless hungry nights.

Then they did it: a 24 hrs open Alepa in Mannerheimintie. It was perfect for me, because I was working near by that Alepa and sometimes I was so busy because of my work, that I didn't manage to go to market during the daytime, so I did my shoppings in the night.

Also there are some gas stations serving 24/7, but this Alepa is brilliant!

Mannerheimintie 102

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