Monday, 18 April 2011

160th issue: know who are your neighbors!

I was surprised and touched when I noticed that people living in my area gave the most votes for the Greens and the Left Party!

Kallio C 11E:

The Greens 699
The Left Party 531
The National Coalition Party 401 (!!)

Basically it's always easy to see where different parties get the most votes, like in Kulosaari lot's of super rich people live, and there the most votes got NCP. In Vuosaari lot's of alcoholic outsiders and immigrants live, so there True Finns ruled (Vuosaari B 535).

 But I'm happy to see that especially Greens got good amounts of votes in every place, like in Ullanlinna (B), which is in central Helsinki (so pretty rich people live there). Obviously NCP ruled with their 905 votes and the Greens were second with 389. Still even True Finns got 115 votes there.

total list found here 

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