Sunday, 17 April 2011

159th issue: Elections - The final

Elections have come to the end. As people were guessing, True Finns got lot's of new seats in the parliament - 34 new! At the same time other parties lost many of their seats.

The ruling party is National Coalition party with 44 seats, Social democrats 42 seats, True Finns 39 seats and the most seats lost the central party - which has now only 35 seats. They were guessing that their voters changed to True Finns.

Many people in Finland are planning about moving away from Finland. And I plan so as well, but at the same time it interests me to see how True Finns will manage. Especially I m interested about seeing will True Finns manage to cut the differences between poor and rich people.

Also as I have written, we have lot's of people who are emotionally isolated, slightly depressed and some of them suffering from alcoholism. Many of these people voted for True Finns, because True Finns give voice to these people. And I think this is good, because this kind of people need help and before this kind of people weren't able to get their voice heard.

But I'm just trying to think about some positive things True Finns can cause, because there's so much negativity about this issue at the moment. And yes - I am very disappointed, but this just was something that had to happen: this was missing from our political scenery.

Negative side of True Finns is their being nationalists in a wrong way, anti-immigrant vibes and just talking lot's of nonsense, like that postmodern art is not kind of art Finland should support. Also they have been doing lot's of amateur mistakes, like copied climate change raport straight from Metal union.

Still I think everything will be ok, True Finns wont get through stuff so easy, because other parties will refuse.

The leader of True Finns, Timo Soini, said "This is democracy!" And this is actually the dark side of democracy, but obviously as I said there are huge groups of people who want to get their voice heard and True Finns nailed their votes.

I went to vote just 20min before it all ended, and I put the number 51 as I told. And I'm happy, because Paavo Arhinmäki got 17 099 votes which is very good amount! Timo Soini got 43 212 votes. WHAT?!

Here's the list:

                                                                                 %           seats                 votes            

Nat. Coal. Party20,444598 369

SD19,142561 049

True Finns19,039559 342

Central15,835463 160

Left8,114238 473

Greens7,210212 837

Swedish party

check the total list here
4,39125 865

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