Friday, 15 April 2011

144th issue: candy people

We like to eat candies in Finland. The main reason for our candy hook is that sugar gives energy. When I was a child, would I eat candies daily, now I try to eat once a week. Sometimes I just have to get salty licorice, and sometimes I have to get fruity candies. Rarely I eat chocolate, but when I eat - I prefer bitter chocolate, and usually 85%.

Even though I eat healthy, I like to eat my candies as candies. Unhealthy as unhealthy. I never add sugar to my food and I don't use ketchup because it has added sugar in it. Maniac.

Unfortunately many candies include gelatin from pork and cow. And gelatin is made from skin, bones and such... I find it slightly disgusting. In Japan they use agar agar instead of gelatin in many jellies. And it works the same! I don't understand why in Finland they always do use gelatin.

There are candies that are gelatin free. These kind of candies are Ässä Mix, Missä Äx and some of the pick and mix candies. Normal and salty licorice has rarely gelatin. 

You can check from the candies ingredients list if it has gelatin: if it says "liivate", then you can think twice do you want to eat animal skin candies....

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