Tuesday, 12 April 2011

137th issue: Finnish way of handling things

Ok, the ticket inspectors in trains can be very rude people. Also the security dudes can be true assholes. But then there's something that I want to say is better in Finland than in many other country. Let's reflect this to Japan, because I always do compare Finland to Japan. Even that often that some people are getting fed up with my Japan hype.

Today (12.4.11) newspaper wrote about a girl, who just took and started to run inside metro tunnel in Sörnäinen. She reached almost Hakaniemi, until she got caught. For 15 minutes metro didn't run, and customers were waiting.

In Finland this kind of situation a person might end up in police station, where cops ask her "why did you do this?" They will probably ask HSL (Helsinki public transportation) do they want to sue her and if yes, she might end up in court. But I think this wont happen, if the girl has right kind of answer for the question asked.

What I'm trying to say, is that this situation wont be handled that seriously. I might be wrong, but as I would imagine, it won't end up as in Japan it would....

If someone commits a suicide in a train station in Japan, the persons family will have to pay JR (Japan Railways) up to 57,000€ for cleanup and delay.

In Japan, if someone would go insane and start running in the railway tracks and causing a delay this way, would the person definitely have to pay also the delay fees. And this would be tens of thousands.

I bet that Finnish girl will get max a couple of hundreds fine, and in best case she font have to pay anything and get only the words: "don't do it again, ok?"

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