Monday, 11 April 2011

134th issue: DIY election advertisement

As the elections are getting more aggressive every day: yesterday Wille Rydman, a dude from the National Coalition Party, and who advertises himself as "a responsibly right-sided" tried to give me his flyer, ended up saying to him "Sorry, but I'm left-sided". Why would I even give a look to a person who is a rightist.

Elections and politics are totally a battle against ideologies.

Today newspaper, Vartti, wrote about odd Mari Kiviniemi (our prime minister) advertisement. Everything is the same as in the original one, but there's a text on top of Kiviniemi saying: "Do you want small animals in cages? So do I." And in her shirt she has text "Relevant."

Today Kiviniemi is crying in public her fate. But dear Kiviniemi: life is full of choices.

Who ever did this: you got my thumbs up!

(picture from Ilta-Sanomat)

The whole news HERE

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