Saturday, 9 April 2011

130th issue: A place full of surprises

Vaasan aukio which is mainly known as Piritori aka Amfetamin square. It's no surprise why this place has such a nickname: it's usually filled up with drug users, homeless, alcoholics, punks/hippies/students. It's just filled up with all the different kind of people, so what I mean not that many salary men hang around there.

It can be dangerous place, but mostly it's safe, though things happen around you all the time. Yesterday we were there at around 5pm with all the cameras and stuff, because we were filming material for our documentary and we were getting a bit more attention with those than normal person does. And also yesterday was friday.

One around 50 year old punk came to us and wanted to show how he is kicking the election advertisements. None of them got broken, so he took speed (not the drug) and jumped an air kick to Finnish Communist Parties advertisement. Now it got broken. Then he left with his Jim Morrison shirt. After 2 minutes one man walked and didn't see the advertisement in the ground and almost slipped on it. He looked at it and said

 "Huh, Finnish Communist Party tried to kill me!"

Hahah, so what I men is that this area is not that serious, but at the same time it can get a bit dangerous, so be aware. But also this is something you have to see, to not to think that Helsinki is that neat and clean and modern.

Piritori in news

In 2005 motorcycle gangs MC Bandidos and Rogues Gang were shooting with guns there. No one got injured that bad, but anyway, what the fuck? Piritori is not Texas, it's Kallio!

How to get?
Metro to Sörnäinen, take Vassanaukio exit.

Else what?
This is the entrance of Helsinginkatu, which is full of bars. If you go one street up, theres Vaasankatu where is one very nice bar called Heinähattu - Heinis. Lot's of punks, and other that atmosphered people hang there.

Also all of the Kallio bars are alive, most from 10am to 2am. And there are always people drinking.

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