Thursday, 7 April 2011

128th issue: Rules when dating a Finn

Dating a female:

Asking out

1. Don't ever ask a Finnish female out too fast: if you have known her for fifteen minutes, don't even think she'll go out with you. Or sure, you ca try, but often Finnish female refuse. Sure some might answer "Yes", but it's rare and you have to be like...super good looking to manage this way. And it's not enough if you think you are good looking.

2. If you have known the Finnish female for one day or more, and it seems that she really likes to be with you, she might be a bit attracted on you. So this is when you can very kindly ask her out. If you are asking her out quite aggressive, she will refuse. And it's actually better if you know straight away a place where to go with her, especially if the place has something to do with her interests.

On a date

In a way you have to stay very distant but at the same time show the girl that you are really on a date. A couple of times I've been confused because I've been out with a guy and I though we were out as just friends and then after the guy has got angry to me for not understanding why we were out.

So how can you make her feel like you are on a date, but that you are not aggressively showing it? You give her attention. And when you talk to her, you look at her eyes, but not like staring, just like that you can face her eyes. Also it's nice to listen to her and ask questions. Be interested.

When Finnish girls are relaxed they can be hilarious and usually they are quite giggly, so after you just manage her feel comfortable with you, you can have good time!

After a date

You say "good bye" "good bye".  You can also ask what she is doing this weekend. If she says "I'm busy" and especially if she says "I'm busy with my friends", this means she's not maybe interested on you. In this case you should throw the ball to her and tell her to call you when she has time, and that you have time to catch up.

If she is smiling and staring at you, this is when you did it. Congratulations! Now, the ball is at your hands, hold it tight (if you are interested on this girl). Now you can almost say anything "wanna meet this weekend?", "let's go for beers tomorrow" (or be more romantic and ask her to drink a bottle of Magyar wine at a park). You can also ask her to your place to do something stupid, like play ping pong. If you really have ping pong. Man, I m jealous if you really do have it!!


So, I mean that Finnish girls are easy to hang out with, if they are not unsure. So first thing is to make them feel comfortable with you.

Dating a Finnish man:

Hopeless. Nothings ever enough: they call you bimbo to their friends and they think you are stupid = this means you will have to prove yourself to them, which is wrong because this way you just can't be yourself. They don't talk much and don't look at your eyes at all - they stay distant, but distant in a wrong way. Distant like you start feeling they want to get rid of you straight away. They don't respect themselves so they don't respect you.

After when you try to understand why did you even go out with them and think did you do something wrong, they will leave you just thinking, what went wrong. I know many people who know how to continue after this kind of act, but I personally, want to know if I have made a mistake to fix it, because I'm not rude to anyone without a reason!


They are too full on you, almost having a relationship with you straight away. This kind of dudes are scary.


  1. I use globogirls the best I have ever tried. Its a well-designed website with a welcoming feel and feels very friendly and positive. There are forums where you can chat by interest and age group as well as locality. Ive made some good friends so far and I'm excited to be going on a third date with a rather lovely guy. I hope you find the love you are looking for, good luck :)

  2. talking about a narrow point of view here

  3. Risto, I see you're a Finnish man.

    I see you don't agree with me.

    I see the crosspoint. Good luck. I'm enjoying my life in Germany, where people sure are much more open and positive.


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