Thursday, 7 April 2011

126th issue: Something that many people has memories of

As in every country, there are certain things that certain age group remembers. From my age group to 10 years older's, people remember this: Magyar wine!

Magyar is Hungarian and the cheapest (or when I was 18 years old) wine sold in Alko. It tastes horrible, but makes you drunk. Also great hangovers!  

There are punk songs about Magyar, there are people with Magyar tattoos.. Magyar is a legend! I wonder does the Magyar wine yard owner know how popular his drink is in Finland. 

Also Magyar has nicknames too, the most used is Magis, Maggis or Makkis.

So if you are going to get puistokännit (literally park drunk) - drunk at the park, grab a 5.99 bottle of Magyar with you. If you have bigger group of people, buy a goon, or box, of Magis! 

Pics from here

This is Jarmo Kejonen's tattoo. I can show it here with special permission!

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