Thursday, 7 April 2011

125th issue: Searching for a one night stand?

I have to say it again: we Finnish people are shy and we need alcohol to become sure about ourself. The only problem is, that when we have a couple of beers, we become more talkative, so we want to boost this taking two more beers. And after this we take shots to keep our self talkative. Then we take one more shot. And beer. And gin tonic. And shot. And Virtanen (battery+vodka) to stay up late.

And baaaaaaaaaziiiiingaaa! We loose our memory. This is usually at 3:30 when the bars show their light mark that now the bar is closing. And this is also the time many men use as their possibility to get girls.

They search for a girl who is drunk and take it home with them. You know the rest. Sounds slightly like criminal act, but this is so usual, that rarely anyone makes any act further to police.

I hear stories, I have stories, where memory has gone and a person has just woken up...somewhere.

And this is so usual in especially Helsinki!

So, you can get your one night stand this way, which I personally don't prefer and is against my moral. this is how people really do it... And without my own stupidity, wouldn't I have any right to judge people who do like this, but as I said - I've been there.

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