Thursday, 7 April 2011

123rd issue: every people's right!

What else do you think is every peoples right in especially welfare state? A RESTROOM! We are thousands of years away from stone age. I got confused, when suddenly all the toilets are locked: you need to pay 1€ or have a membership card, or you must have some other kind of code to enter the toilet. You are not allowed to use the restroom without paying. You can try to sneak in, but c'mon, should going to toilet should be so difficult.

I don't want to always compare Finland to Japan, but honestly, this system is much better organized in Japan. There are restrooms everywhere - even in the streets - and they are always super clean. Some of the restrooms are there like entering a 5 star hotel, with all the sofas and film star mirrors.

I understand they take money for using toilet, because it spends water and toilet paper, but hey 1€! If I start paying 1€ for each toilet visit I do while visiting central Helsinki, I will end up spending 5€ just for using toilet! I think more realistic price would be 20 cents.

At least restroom business is good. Slightly inspired by capitalism.


or else...

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