Sunday, 3 April 2011

108th issue: "I'm better than you - no I'm better than you"

Finland is the land of unbalanced people: one day a Finnish person says "it's like this", other day a Finnish person changes his/hers mind, because someone writes something on newspaper about some "research" made.

One example was superfood: first people were excited about them, then suddenly someone wrote about goji-berries having lots of pesticide in them and suddenly people who believe in things they read are shaking about how bad superfood is.

One example is also about Fair Trade products. Someone says Fair Trade is a good thing, other person says  "no, it's not good, by buying Fair Trade, you are taking money out from other farmers. And in all farms they don't act disrespectful to their workers". But in this case, how can you know in which farm they treat well their workers? Fair Trade is a guarantee on this.

Sure it might sound also that I'm against my own writings, but as a reader you have to remember that I'm just writing how I feel - what I have experienced. I've done research as a person, without no financing.

What I want to say, that ok, someones writings may influence you, but don't let them rule your head.

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