Sunday, 3 April 2011

106th issue: When to travel to Finland: Autumn

Puu Vallila - Wooden Vallila
(pic from here)
Why would someone want to travel to Finland during the autumn, when there's is summer that is warm and there is lot's of light.. Well, let me tell you that autumn in Finland is one of it's kind. I bet you can find similar autumns from Canada. 

Autumn is all about the colors: all the leafs color the city and all the colorful old buildings support the atmosphere. Especially I recommend you to walk around Helsinki central and its parks, but also from Kallio to puu Vallila - wooden Vallila, where they have old wood style houses. Even though puu Vallila is just 15 min away from central Helsinki (tram no. 7A), it makes you feel like you are very far from the central.

Also during the autumn the sunsets are amazing. 

Happening in the autumn?

The Night of the Arts - Taiteiden yö

Different art happenings around the city, mostly for free, some of them costs. 


Linnanmäki Light Carnival

(pic from
Is a carnival organized in the amusement park - Linnanmäki, which is located just near Pasila. 

Last year 8.-12.10. this year TBA

What time? 

How much?

How to get to Linnamäki?
Take train to Pasila (one stop) or by tram 3T/B. 

Channel 4 Fireworks

A fireworks competition.

Last year 10.9., this year TBA.


How much?

Sunset from my home window

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