Saturday, 2 April 2011

103rd issue: Learnt "fact": politics, politics...

When I tell people I m going to vote for the Green party, many people tell me "Oh, The Green party is the baby party of The National Coalition Party"

After I have heard this several times and always said the same way, I started to think how can so many people have exactly the same point of view?

Then I understood: some politician brainwashed them. Isn't it suspicious if many people repeat exactly the same line? Even if these people wouldn't know each other, so it's not any kind of "friendship opinion". It's coming fro somewhere else. Someone else.. 

Now I want to repeat myself: politics is business...

So actually this isn't peoples own idea, it's stolen from someone else and now people are saying it as their own. Really this kind of people haven't even thought about things, they are just repeating what they have heard.

Ha! How soft is your mind? Make up your own mind!

This song is not actually about listening and believing on rumors, but I think everybody should mind their own business in a way that they could create their own opinions. 

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