Friday, 1 April 2011

101st issue: Helsinki wildlife: Jackdaw

I was walking home from work, it was 1st of January 2008. I was just watching photos from my camera and crossing the main street in Helsinki central, Mannerheimintie, when I noticed a bird walking towards me. I was waiting that bird to step side, of course, I m a human and it's a bird and I'm thirty times bigger. But no, I had to step aside!

Fast I put my camera on photo mode and took a photo of this bird. Later that day I saw my mother and show her the picture and she said "Send it to the newspaper!!" 

So I did.

Next week my phone rang and the caller was from Helsingin Sanomat. She said my photograph won the weekly competition. 

After that I started to see jackdaws everywhere. And I noticed how this bird breed had totally it's own character. I advise you to watch jackdaws when they walk around. I can promise it is entertaining! 

(pic from HS by me)

The story is found here (only in Finish)

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