Friday, 1 April 2011

100th issue: 3000 visitors in 1 month

I want to thank again all my readers. Because of around 200 visitors a day I keep my blog public.

I hope I can give you perspective and help to plan your visit in Finland. Some people have been saying to me, that I m writing sometimes about some things I don't know anything. I would like to answer for these people, that I write from everything I have experiences. So, everything is based in experience. I don't believe in facts and I hate when people who have been spending their whole life watching their own belly tell me that "no, it's not a fact".

I don't care about facts, I care about how I feel and how things make me feel. I believe on what I see. I don't believe on what every professor say, because every year they say different things.

Lot's of love!

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