Thursday, 31 March 2011

93rd issue: Finnish clothing/shoe designers: Minna Parikka & Ivana Helsinki

Minna Parikka

I need. I want. I cant have :(
I was flying back to Finland from Tokyo, when I saw a woman wearing a bag I knew from somewhere. I lifted my head up and saw it was Minna Parikka. You just recognize her style straight away, though her shoes are the ones that made Minna famous...

My sister has one pair of the shoes of Minna Parikka. I tried them on and fell in love. I can't ever afford these beauties, though I feel happy for every person who I see wearing Minna Parikka shoes, because I know how comfortable they are. And so feminine. Perfect.

Also she has very pretty leather gloves. Then there are bags and some clothing.

You can visit at Minna Parikka store online HERE

Minna Parikka store in Helsinki:

Bulevardi 24

Ivana Helsinki

I think Ivana Helsinki is a great mixture of finnish "country dresses" and feminine styles. Some of the dresses are super cute, but not that cute they would make you feel sick. The dresses stay in the same line that Ivana Helsinki is known for. The patterns, the colors, the shapes, oh you just gotta love them all. Also the dresses are going well with different body shapes, so wearing them doesn't require skinny body.

You have to get one of Ivana Helsinki's dress!

Ivana Helsinki shop in Helsinki

Uudenmaankatu 15

Shoes from 2008. I want them!

Ivana Helsinki has designed a dress to Topshop

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