Thursday, 31 March 2011

92nd issue: Arguing with a Finn

Oh no, don't ever do this. Try to avoid arguing with a Finn as long as you can. Why?

As I have told, many Finns have problems with their self. They are emotionally reserved, so thinking about this kind of people psychology - they have lot's of things going inside their head which they haven't been able to express.

What I see often happening, is that people who are emotionally reserved just explode when they end up in any kind of argument. Or, sometimes this kind of people have so much things going inside their head, that they search someone to argue with. They do this by searching mistakes, and when they find a mistake from someone else (and this mistake might not be even a mistake actually, it is just other persons experience or point of view) they start arguing.

Then you are dealing with a devil. This kind of people won't let you go, they will follow you and keep on pushing you down until they stand on you. You might want to change the subject, but they will say to you "ha, so you are admitting that you are wrong" or "don't change the subject". They will continue it until you say "ok, you are right". Then they will smile and feel satisfied, because from their point of view you lost and they are better than you.

My tip is: say to that person "ok, you are right", walk away and never see this person again. If it was your friend, now he/she can be your ex friend. Do you need a person next to you who is pushing you down? Do you think she/he will do this only once? No, this will get worse, because now they have hold on you...

I have never met this kind of people in any other country than Finland. Or maybe in some other country this kind of people are in mental hospitals.... Here they are in the wild, so be aware!

I know people who never argue and they are the nearest people to me. Anyone who argues with me, gives me negative vibes. I can argue, and when I argue it's LOUD. And I don't like arguing, because it's disrespectful. I have to thank my best friends, Sarah and Laura for never arguing with me and I havent argued with them. Some people say arguing brings you closer to each other, I think this is bullshit, because arguing with someone teaches you how to control the other person. You want that other person to change, because of your needs. Disgusting.

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