Thursday, 31 March 2011

91st issue: Trendy sayings in Helsinki

I can't say if these have born originally in Helsinki or Finland, but people use these. Mostly common with teenagers, but you can brake the edge by saying these in some situations:

"A hippy is a hippy for a hippy" ("hippi on hipille hippi")

- Said when someone says someone else is a hippy, for e.g. someone who orders vegetarian food...

"Your father was" or "Your mother was" ("faijas oli", mutsis oli")

- Said when you are criticizing someone personally

"Your father was your mother when they made you" or "Your father was your mother" ("faijas oli mutsis kun suo teki", "faijas oli mutsis")

- Used for same reason as above

"Your mother" or "your dad" ("mutsiis", "faijaas")

- We just like to mix our parents in everything...

"Show your boobies" ("näytä tissit")

- This is good way to zero a conversation

Also what I do is that I mix sayings, making them ironic: "The hours down, salaries up!", I say "salaries down, hours up!"

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