Thursday, 31 March 2011

90th issue: Suburbs in Helsinki, part 1. : Malmi

If you want to experience "the other" Helsinki, the one that isn't all about looking good and smelling nice, then you should take the train and travel to Malmi. It's only 15 minutes away from the central and a culture shock compared to the central.

First the train journey will be interesting, especially if you go there friday evening: the train is full of people going to Järvenpää and Kerava, which are known for drug using teenagers, teenager mothers, alcoholists...etc. Also the train journey is interesting experience, because there you can see even people fighting against each other - at least by words. Ok, you won't be able to understand what they are saying, but you'll understand that these people are not acting as the way you might be used to see Finns acting like. Passion, anger, swearwords... the train journey to Malmi!

Malmi train station is linked to two different shopping malls, both having huge supermarkets in them, like a bit USA style supermarkets, where you can buy everything from underwear to frozen kebab meat. Also there's cheaper food market, Lidl. When you arrive the station there's a stand selling veggies. Also there was organic food market&cafe but as you can guess it didn't succeed in Malmi where people rather buy food for eating, not that interested about nutritious levels.

To stereotype people in Malmi, there are lots of around 50 year old men who wear windbreakers and are angry to the society. Also there are those teenager mothers, and other kind of families... Actually I was one of the supermarkets with my mother and there was a girl with strollers. There was a line and it was her turn, but because she couldn't move fast enough, this man (who was wearing windbreakers) just walked over her to pay his one packet of sausages. Because I am faster, I can just go first. The rules of the jungle...

Also from my point of view people in Malmi buy more convenience food then people in the central Helsinki.

Malmi is worth of seeing, because it represent certain Helsinki - the one that started to grow and there were lot's of block of flats built fast to get more homes for people. Thinking about the time to visit Malmi is very flexible: different time of the day different people are around, I heard from my cousin that there is a big line of people waiting for the liquor store to open in the morning (Alko opens at 10am), and mid-days there are lot's of young mothers with trollers and in the night time you can end up in a fight easy, just for no reason... So, choose your timing right...

On the way to Malmi, in the train.

Arriving Malmi station.

Just a view

Thai restaurant in the station

Lot's of people hnag around at the shopping malls usually

Cheaper food market - Lidl
Cheaper Pub/Pizzeria at the station

The station from drunks point of view

The area is just so rough... not very welcoming

A broken bottle of strong Finnish alcohol - Leijona - at the station

Vote for man?

The station area is not very warm

Stand selling veggies


How to get to Malmi?
Trains I, K, N and T.
Also busses run, but train is much faster.

Tragedy in Malmi?

Yes, in 2004 from Malmi's recycle pallet someone found a 34-year old females HEAD. Rest of the body parts were found from Kerava landfill and from different bushes near Route no. 1. Malmi is full of surprises!

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