Wednesday, 30 March 2011

89th issue: Traditional Cliché gifts from Finland

(Have you visited yet

Aurora borealis wool shirt (I had one when I was a child)

A Jussi shirt


Hai rubberboots

How about super ugly bear t-shirt. Or owl? Or wold? Or bobcat? Super hipster!
The original logo
You can find most of these products from the 2nd hand shops, except Hai rubberboots and Ponke's Karhu t-shirts. These you will have to buy as new because people rarely want to abandon their rubber boots as they are one of the most useful shoes in Finland - and especially Helsinki. T-shirts you might find from the flea market, but you can also get one from the Ponke's shop.

Man, I gotta do that 2nd hand issue soon for you to find the best places!

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