Wednesday, 30 March 2011

87th issue: Wool socks - Villasukat!

We Finnish people love our Villasukat - wool socks! The main reason for loving them is usually because our grandmothers have made them to us. The second reason is that they are warm and a must during the cold winters. Me, personally, use wool socks always in the airplane as well. I carried wool socks even with me to the Pacific Islands - West-Samoa.

If you don't have a Finnish grandma, you can get wool socks made by Finnish grandmothers from the flea market, 2nd hand shops or even order from Internet. But look at them carefully, because some wool socks are industrial ones. The more wool socks look handmade, the better!

I think wool socks are a must!

Many, many different patterns and colors and... 

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