Wednesday, 30 March 2011

84th issue: Finnish Photographer: Claire Aho

Claire Aho (b. 1925) is one of the known female photographers in Finland. She has been working as a editorial and fashion photographer. Also she's been documenting by photos the life on Helsinki in different time scale.

Last summer I went to an photo exhibition about Helsinki exactly in 1968 by Claire Aho. The life was just about the same as today, but people just were living different time. As photos - they made me feel very positive, each picture had it's own story. Interesting is, that Claire had only 2 weeks to photograph Helsinki, because she herself was living in Sweden. And actually she is still living in Sweden, but love towards Finland has stayed. Heart warming.

There's also a book about those photos. You can see one page from it HERE*
(*=Opening as PDF)

I was happy to see there will be soon a photo exhibition again:

"Finnish Fashion and editorial photos from the 50's and 60's" By Claire Aho



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