Tuesday, 29 March 2011

83rd issue: Helsinki City Wildlife

Hachiko in Tokyo, Bubi in Helsinki!

We have this one city owl that became famous after flying around the olympic station middle of the soccer game. The owl got a name "Bubi" and fast took media's attention. It had legendary moments when Finland was playing soccer against Belgium and Bubi appeared suddenly on the stage. After Bubi left, Finland won 2-0. It is very rare that Finland wins any game in soccer.

In 2007 Bubi was chosen as "the Year's Townie" by the city journalists association. Hmm? Now Bubi has babies and they live just in the central Helsinki, at the roof of Forum shopping mall.

Bubi. (pic from here)

As I wrote about rabbits we have in Helsinki, these owls are getting good meals from them, so why would they leave so nutritious city?

The other commentator is asking: "Is this a kind of trained owl or what?"

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