Monday, 28 March 2011

77th issue: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport

I want to apologize everyone who has got bad service in Helsinki-Vantaa airport. It's not rare to get bad service there, I've been there. Once a counter worker started to fight because I just wanted to get what I was promised and because no one informed him about what I was promised he turn against me. Heh, what an idiot.

And now my Japanese friend told that she got WRONG persons ticket at the airport, with wrong destination and on top of that they made her pay 80€ because the other persons ticket didn't allow her to take 2 baggages, but my friends ticket did allow. Then the counter was just telling her that she has to pay, when my friend tried to explain that the ticket is wrong.

The counters will make everything your fault there. The best customer service <3

So, don't get surprised if you have interesting situations in Helsinki-Vantaa Airport.

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