Monday, 28 March 2011

76th issue: Explaining Finnish: Sentences some of the Finnish people love

”Everything is not that black and white”

- They say this when they don't except your opinion and attack against you as a person. The person who says like this to you is feeling mentally that he/she's in more clever than you are. Actually people who use this think you are stupid. I loose interest on people straight away who use this towards me.

”You are narrow minded”

- Likely to be the same as "everything is not that black and white". I use this against politicians - not real people. Sometimes I use this when a person who has never traveled is telling his/hers opinions of foreigners.

"Don't open your mouth if you don't know anything about it"

LOL. This is also a way of saying that the person who says like this to you is putting himself in upper position than you are. From my point of view this kind of people are usually the most narrow minded people, they don't accept your opinion in any way and are already casting a slur on you. The truth about these kind of people is that they usually don't even have their opinion, they are just repeating some opinion they have learnt from their parents. Live life and learn, don't copy from your parents.

”It has been always like that”

- A way of zeroing everything and killing other persons perspective, because hey "it's been always like that".

”Now you are being racist”

- I hear this often when I tell my opinion of racist acting people. Some people think it is OK to say racist things, but if you are against racist it's not OK.

”You just want a relationship”

- My all time favorite. Isn't it nice when someone else knows what YOU want. Hehe. Why buying presents is so difficult? Because we never know what the other person wants/likes! 

"But you are like that..."

- Someone else tells you what you are and after this they tell their opinion how they would like you to be. I hear very often people telling me what I am and what I should rather be.

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