Monday, 28 March 2011

73rd issue: Some people in Finland..

You probably understood I wasn't disliking Captain America and Captain Planet seriously. When I was a child Captain Planet was something I would follow all the time.. I maybe even had a secret crush on him.

But then there are people in Finland, who are upsets about trying to show that we as Finnish people are so much better people than Americans. These people are getting super angry about many Americans not knowing where Finland is or even what Finland is - is it a town in Sweden?

But I think we as Finnish people shouldn't be so rough towards Americans who don't know anything about Finland. USA is huge country, 50 states... And most of the Americans know all these states, they even can say which state is the 33rd state. And I only know Hawaii is the 50th state...

Then there are Americans, who have traveled, who know more about the history in Europe than I do. Sometimes they surprise me with their knowledge about Finland. So, I think stereotyping Americans is as dumb as thinking that all the Americans eat only deep fried food. Also it's so funny, because my friend just told me that his friends (Finnish) go to Chinese restaurant and order always the same portion: deep fried pork...

For me, personally, there are so much to discover in USA and I dream about road trip there. I want to taste the coffees of Seattle, see the insanity of youngsters in Salt Lake City, the mountains surrounding Cali, Arizona and it's deserts... Sometimes I was also thinking that Americans are stupid and uneducated because they don't know where Finland is, but when I traveled I met so many good hearted Americans, that I had to give them a chance. And it was worth it.

We as Finns shouldn't say that some other country's culture is crap. We - Finnish people - have serious issues about ourself, maybe we feel like nobody next to USA. As I have said: Finnish people are suffering from lack of self confidence. Also the TV programs they are showing here in Finland, the ones that are made in the USA, are giving a wrong idea of Americans. And people take those tv programs here so literally. And you can imagine what Michael Moore's documentaries made to our brains...

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