Monday, 28 March 2011

71st issue: The best berry growing in Finland

When I was child, I hated everything sour. I was a sugar mouse. Then suddenly I started to love everything sour: lime, lemon (which I never ate when I was child) and lingonberries! Suddenly I came very upsets about lingonberries, because I understood how healthy they are. Before I was always eating raspberries in my grandmas garden and blueberries I would go and eat in the forest next to our house.

My love towards lingonberries started when I ate a goat cheese salad, which had lingonberry sauce in it. It just bring a new way of balancing this very strong tasting creamy cheese. Yum.

Later on I got lots of lingonberries from my uncle, who lives Eastern Finland, in Joensuu. He had been collecting so many kilograms by himself that he didn't know anymore what to do with them. In Joensuu they have lot's of lingonberries and other kinds of berries growing in the forrest. Even Russians come to Finland to collect them. This is how nature feeds us Finnish people, for free!

As a medicine

I had this never ending urethritis, and soon I understood it was because my body was too "sweet", I wasn't eating enough sour food. Now I drink smoothie every morning, where I ad lingonberries, blueberries, blackcurrant, half a banana, chocolate ribs and goji-berries and I've been healthier than ever! No more urethritis problems even.

How to get lingonberries in the city?

You can buy them from Hakaniemi market during weekends, especially during the summer when it's the season, also from supermarkets you'll get fresh ones and frozen for around 1€/packet. Look carefully that product is from Finland, sometimes polish versions available but they are not as good as ours. You can also go and collect lingonberries from different woods, like Nuuksio which is in Espoo. If you want to buy lingonberries as a gift from Finland, this is possible too: e.g. eco market Ruohonjuuri is selling lingonberry powder. One tablespoon of lingonberry powder equals 1 dl of lingonberries, so it's easy way to carry it in your bag to your home country.

Plus, lingonberries that grow in the forest are all organic! (Ok, except after 1986 when Tchernobyl exploded our ground got radiant fallout)

Eco market Ruohonjuuri is located in central Helsinki
Salomonkatu 5, Kamppi

Hakaniemi market is located in Hakaniemi
how to get?
By trams number: 1A, 3B, 7A, 6, 9. 
By metro, hop off at Hakaniemi.
By foot only 15min away from central.

Cranberries sold in Hakaniemi market in the winter time.
This is how lingonberries are sold as well when it's the season.

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