Monday, 28 March 2011

70th issue: Differences between people in Helsinki

I was in a party last Saturday, where I met some of the people I knew when I was in my teens - so we are at the same age. It's nice to see these people because they live totally different kind of life than I do: these people have been in a relationship for almost 10 years, they have graduated from universities/academies, or are in the end of their studies. Also they have got already job in their subject. They live together with their partner some of the suburbs of Helsinki. They do everything as a couple and live in a symbiosis with each other. Parties they join, they join as one. They plan on buying an apartment, or they have bough one already.

Me, I started studying beginning of last year, I never have had a serious relationship - though I have random "things" approximately with 4-5 different guys/a year, but it never reaches relationship level. I spend 4 years just traveling around the World, I've been working in media but only as a freelancer, mostly I earned my money as a bartender.  I live in a rent apartment and I don't like to own much stuff, because I don't think I'm going to stay in Finland - I think I m just going to get my degree here and leave this country.

People near me (meaning my friends) have a relationship. Or let's say if I have 10 friends, 9 of them are in a relationship. But they all have lived in that relationship around 3 years. Yeah, that mysterious 3 years when people start fighting... And most of them are fighting all the time. Of course couples fight, but if it goes one year on a row, is it fun anymore? Your al energy goes on fighting and it is difficult to focus anymore in your future. Comparing to those who have had their relationship for 10 years - they are just chill together - because they had that fighting scenery 7 years ago. Now they are just so used to each other.

One of the guys was actually giving me a hint about his boredom in that around 10 years relationship. And at the same time I was saying how amazing it is that people in my age have been together so many years.

In the party two totally different kind of life living people met, who have grown up in the same area but have chosen different kind of lifestyle. I don't say my life is miserable - my life is how I want it to be, sure I'm a bit confused why I don't ever end up in a relationship but my friends say that it will come when it's the time. And I think it's not the time now or very soon, because I have dreamt my life much further than these people who have relationship, because they always have to think that other person too when making chooses, and I can only think about myself "I want to move to Japan and I will one day. DOT."


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