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69th issue: Finnish actors: Matti Pellonpää

If you want to discover Finnish actors, I recommend you to watch carefully Aki & Mika Kaurismäki's movies. From my point of view you can pick up some of the best actors and actresses in Finland from these movies. One of my all time favorite is : Matti "Peltsi" Pellonpää. From him a man can't get much more charismatic. 

Pellonpää has it all: the voice, acting skills, life experience - which was probably important if you were acting in some of the Kaurismäki's movies, because the movies were about the working class and ordinary life. As a person Peltsi must have been very good on making perceptions, because especially Aki Kaurismäki's movies are all about perceptions Aki has made.

Peltsi was not actually only an actor - he did also music, spoke in the radio programs, been scripting and directing short docs and long movie, studying both theatre and tv and movies in the best academies/universities in Helsinki & Finland in these subjects. Tv and movie studies he didn't manage to complete because of lack of time. Now there were more jobs available for Pellonpää in his own field.

But it hasn't been that shiny all the time: Pellonpää applied four times to the Theatre Academy in Helsinki until he got in, during this time he was working like ordinary working class were: in sausage factory as a packer, as a seller, in the tax office...

Also he was very clever on finding utterance for any situation, some like: 

"Hurrah for me, anarchy and alcohol, and mutilated, but deep relationships." 

"In love I follow the lines of: the movement is important, not the goal. A person who knows where he/she's going to end is doomed to fail, or at least a member of the Social Democratic Party. And the one who's not romantic can become an MP."
"Life must be taken seriously, so it could be a laugh."

Aki Kaurismäki's "Shadows in the paradise" 
with another fantastic Finnish actress, Kati Outinen.

Mika Kaurismäki's "Zombie and the Ghost Train"

Matti made also music.

Matti died at the age of 44 in 1995. He said before his death: "You have to hop in the train, because you never know if it is your last one". Maybe this was his secret to manage so well as an actor as well.

I think Peltsi is very good example of the kind of person who has worked his way to the top. He didn't grow up in a family where the parents were already famous, Peltsi earned his fame himself. Sometimes I think it is very difficult to try to become something, because my parent's haven't been able to help me to get jobs, I have managed everything myself. But at the same time I have felt jealous for people whom parents are giving a ticket to the stars for their children straight away.

But Peltsi gives me hope and inspires me to keep on trying!

More info about Peltsi HERE (only in Finnish) and HERE (English)

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