Saturday, 26 March 2011

68th issue: My life as a student in Finland

Finland is knows for it's free education - aren't we lucky, huh?

On top of the free education, we get student money, which is for university and polytechnic students 499€/month (minus taxes). I get 470€. On top of this student's can earn around 660€/month (minus taxes). My taxes are around 7%, which allows me to earn around 13 600€/year. (our EX Prime minister, Matti Vanhanen, earned 13 000 € / A MONTH!)

I live with 1000€/ a month. It minuses my rent 640€+bills 75€+credit card 100€/month. After this all the money goes down from my throat as liquid and food. Also I don't eat non-fairtrade and I want to eat as well organic as much as I can. Living like this is expensive, but I refuse to become un healthy eater because I don't have money, rather I eat high nutritious food, which I don't need to eat that much, than lot's of cheaper poisoned GM food.

But this is how I live. I know I pay way too much for my rent as a student, but I think it can't be reason to give up all that I have managed to built before I started studying. Some of the students move to cheaper student apartments, which are located mostly around 15-20km away from the central Helsinki. Now I live 2 km away from the central. Some of the student apartments are in Pasila, which is just one stop from the central by train. But most of the apartments are communes. Also some people get share apartments with a friend, which is good idea because this way you split all the bills. But I still don't want to give up my own 30m2. I need space for my thoughts.

So I pay. I loose weight and pay rather high rent than give up my life.

(I have lost 6 kg in one year for just eating lighter and less to save money)

There is only one problem: because I get slightly stressed about money and this is when my creativity suffers. When I'm stressed, I get super depressed. That's a rhyme! But maybe this also feeds my future, because I start respecting things I wouldn't if I had money all the time. Also it would be unfair if we Finnish people would get: free education+nice apartments+healthy food and happiness at the same time. Somethings you can't just get...

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  1. My room is 200 EUR/month, and i think thats all i could afford to pay ^^. Of course as a foreigner i dont get any support from KELA and sometimes to eat well I loot food from the fridge of my Finnish boyfriend who's working and who's super nice to me ^^. well, its not such a enviable life but I am not queuing for food from Salvation Army either ^^. Good blog by the way.


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