Friday, 25 March 2011

67th issue: Finland vs Finland..vs Finland

Finland is separating for three different groups: The True Finns, Anti-True Finns and people against anti-True Finns (but who are not True Finns fans either).

First True Finns came up with their racist comments, then Anti-True Finns came against them and after Anti-True Finns were against True Finns, started people say that Anti-True Finns are being racist because they are against racism.

When I was bullied at school, the teachers were just telling me "not to do anything", and I was trying not to do anything, but the whole bullying went insane after this. Then I went to the school boss and this is when really things started to happen. So from my life experience it is always better to act, than sit your thumb in the ass quietly.

You know politics is business. Politicians earn lot's of money. They always try to find a human group that is kind of "sleeping". People mean money.

And this is what Finnish politician Osmo Soininvaara did: he found a group that has been quiet, maybe saying something small things about nuke energy, a bit keeping the side for gays... But at the same time these people are mostly "sleeping". They are not doing anything. They say things they would like to be different, but they don't act!

Now they woke up, they were against The True Finns, but they didn't dare to say anything because they were scared to look like narrow minded people. When other people started to be against The True Finns, did these people who were "sleeping" become angry, because some other people said what they didn't ever dare.

So, Osmo Soininvaara found these people and wrote a blog about "are sophisticated people reacting to True Finns intolerance". And after this he will be collecting the peoples who were "sleeping" votes. I think this is good, because Soininvaara is from The Greens.

ps. As you can guess I am Anti-true Finn

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