Thursday, 24 March 2011

65th issue: Ordering a beer

In especially Helsinki you don't need words for ordering a beer. You can only show like this:

This means one beer in Finland.

If you want three beers you show three and so on. Also you can show that you want big beer by taking your hands apart from each other.

Then you give the money and walk away, or if you have a bank card you show that you are going to pay wit ha card, press your pin code and walk away. You can also show "no" with your hand if you don't want the receipt. If you want receipt you can pass your hand towards the bartender or just show "yes" putting your thumb up. If you want to thank, you can just bend your head a bit down and up.

Imagine, this is how people really do. I don't say this is very polite, but it's how you can survive through a social situation without saying a word.

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