Thursday, 24 March 2011

62nd issue: How to get an excuse in FInland?

If you say :

  • "I am tired", people will advice you to drink coffee.
  • "I have homework from school", people will tell that you are boring and can do them tomorrow.
  • "I wan't to watch TV", people will tell you again that you are boring and they will mention that it's not trendy to have TV plus they will say you can watch it from the internet later...
  • "I'm going to meet my parents", they will tell you to come after that.
  • "I don't have money", they will borrow you money.
  • "I don't know what to wear", they will say "but that your black dress was nice"
  • "I don't really want to go", they will say that it's going to be fun and relaxing to go if you don't want to, like surprising fun...
  • "I have headache", you will hear "take some medicine".
  • "I have taken medicine already", they will say "I have stronger ones at my place, I can bring it to you".
  • "I don't want to drink", you will hear "you can drink soft drinks".

I know these examples sound a bit maniac, but this is what I have been going through. Some people here just don't understand when you want to focus on your own stuff... Some people in Finland don't know how to be alone and they do anything to avoid being alone...

I mean people are a bit brutal here, if they want to see you (=they don't want to be alone) they won't allow you to focus on what you really want. Sometimes I have found myself saying "ok", though I didn't want to go and meet someone, and then I've been tired and angry and I don't want to be like that in front of people. So this is when I really want to stay at home but people are talking me over to go out. The one I use often is "I am depressed", it just works the best, because depression is serious issue here and in Finland everyone knows what is depression...

So remember: every time you don't want to catch up with a Finnish person tell that you are depressed!

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